Pump systems are a crucial element of building and development projects.

Designing and specifying the right pump system is a specialist subject that needs specialist knowledge. That’s why your project needs the right pumping solution delivered by pump experts who really know what they’re doing.


With over 20 years of industrial and commercial pump expertise, our team will make sure you get the right solution for the job. We design, manufacture and install Package Pump Stations, Borehole Pump Systems, Pressure Boosting Systems and Bespoke Solutions to meet your project requirements. Advantage Pumping Solutions are a family-owned business with a commitment to total customer satisfaction. Our range of solutions combined with our proven process ensures that you can rely on your pump system to operate quietly and efficiently day after day.

Latest News

pump system installation

Pump Station Installation

16th July 2023

Pumping stations are used to pump water from one area to another instead of a gravity based system. These pumps are designed to collect water…

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package pump station

What is a Pumping Station?

23rd January 2023

A pumping station is used to transfer sewage and wastewater into a sewer system in situations where gravity can’t be relied on for the waste…

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Adoptable Pump Stations

Whats the difference between private pumping stations and adoptable pumping stations?

15th November 2022

A key question that often comes up is about the difference between private pumping stations and adoptable pumping stations so this information provides the basic…

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Adoptable Pump Stations

Different Types of Pumping Station

21st October 2022

When it comes to choosing the right type of adoptable pumping station for handling foul water and sewage on a residential development, there are four…

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