Historic house needs our help with an innovative heating solution

Historic House Innovative Heating Solution


When the National Trust decided to heat their property at Plas Newydd by extracting heat from the water in the nearby estuary, we were asked to help to make the dream a reality with our pumping expertise.

This innovative heating solution draws water from the estuary and takes 4⁰C of heat from the water through a platinum coated heat exchanger.

Our role was to design the complete pump system including the pumps, heat exchanger and filtration. We also developed a sophisticated control system which would integrate with the heat exchangers located in the stately home above the shore.

The unit was to be located within the tidal reach of the estuary and so we also specified and delivered a specialist GRP plant room, complete with a marine door. This would allow the unit to be fully submersed in water. The plant room houses pumps, filters, flow meter and heat exchangers. The system automatically adjusts the flow of the pumps according to the demand from the heat pumps.

Scheme Name: Plas Newydd Marine Heat Source System
Client: National Trust
Completion Date: May 2014
Contract Period: 20 weeks