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What Is Septicity In Pumping Stations?

14th June 2024

What is Septicity? Septicity occurs when wastewater sits stagnant for extended periods. This lack of flow creates an anaerobic (oxygen-depleted) environment, allowing a specific type…

How Often Should Pumping Stations Be Serviced?

31st May 2024

Keeping Your System Running Smoothly Pumping stations crucial pieces of infrastructure of our wastewater management systems. They  move wastewater from homes and businesses to treatment…

What can I do to prevent sewage spills from my pumping station?

14th May 2024

Stop Sewage Spills Before They Start: Essential Tips for Pumping Station Owners Sewage spills are a major concern for both homeowners with private pumping stations…

Pump Station Installation

16th July 2023

Pumping stations are used to pump water from one area to another instead of a gravity based system. These pumps are designed to collect water…

What is a Pumping Station?

23rd January 2023

A pumping station is used to transfer sewage and wastewater into a sewer system in situations where gravity can’t be relied on for the waste…

Adoptable Pump Stations

Whats the difference between private pumping stations and adoptable pumping stations?

15th November 2022

A key question that often comes up is about the difference between private pumping stations and adoptable pumping stations so this information provides the basic…

Adoptable Pump Stations

Different Types of Pumping Station

21st October 2022

When it comes to choosing the right type of adoptable pumping station for handling foul water and sewage on a residential development, there are four…

Harro Group Logo

Advantage Pumping Solutions Joins Harro Group

25th February 2020

We’re excited to advise you that from 1st April 2020 you’ll be seeing more of the Harro Group brand. We will continue to use the…

Pump Problems

Your pump problem FAQs answered

15th December 2017

Pump systems are durable when correctly installed and maintained. However, you may still experience problems, as any machinery with moving components and consistent usage is…

save energy with a pumping system

6 ways to save energy when you’re moving water with a pumping system

7th November 2017

Pump stations are required when water needs to be pumped from a low level up to a higher one to flow into a water system.…

Advantage Pump Systems

What makes Advantage your ideal pumping station supplier?

4th October 2017

Every project is different. One of the fundamental benefits of working with Advantage Pumping Solutions is that we recognise this fact and recommend the correct…

The environmental impact of flushing wipes

11th August 2017

Disposing of wipes down the toilet contributes to problems locally, nationally, and internationally. On a local level, blockages develop in the sewers which need to…