Backworth Park – Housing Development



The works comprised of designing and building a large adoptable pumping station to serve 500+ properties including a school. The pumping station was designed and build to SFA standards and Northumbrian Water specific requirements.

Advantage Pumping Solutions carried out the mechanical and electrical design of the complete pump system including the pumps, pump compound layout and control panel. The system was a twin pump system mounted within an 11.5m diameter pump shaft, 8.0m deep to pump the domestic sewage from 500 + properties. The system also incorporated a single ejector pump system to keep the floor of the wet clean and free from debris in the event of failure of the pump system.

The control panel was designed in accordance with NWL’s requirements and had additional controls included to allow the level to build up and let the ejector pump operate on a regular basis

Scheme Name: Backworth Park
Client: Northumbrian Estates
Completion Date: October 2018
Contract Period: 40 weeks