About Us

Advantage Pumping Solutions are specialists in providing standard and bespoke pumping systems to meet your requirements and solve your fluid handling problems.

At Advantage Pumping Solutions, we have the benefit of being able to design and manufacture your systems within market leading timescales, therefore offering you excellent service.

At Advantage we've always kept to our values:

INTEGRITY - Carrying out our work with care and treating each client as an individual.

OPENNESS - Making sure the client is aware and clear about every stage of the project.

FLEXIBILITY - Offering you a wide choice and range of services and products.

From commercial Class A space to the industry sector, hospitals to councils, we've worked on thousands of projects. That's over 20 years experience designing and producing pumping systems using the highest quality equipment allowing you to have the peace of mind you need.

Our continued growth is due to our values of Integrity, Trust and establishing Long Term Relationships with our clients, employees and suppliers.

Why Choose Us?

There are 7 good reasons to choose Advantage Pumping Solutions:

(1) FLEXIBLE - Advantage offer a large range of products and services which are adaptable so we can design them to meet your requirements.

(2) BESPOKE - We have specially trained sales and design engineers in-house to design specialist systems which provide simple and cost effective solutions to your difficult problems.

(3) SATISFIED CUSTOMERS - At Advantage we have worked hard to provide customers with the very best therefore creating satisfied clients.

(4) QUICK TIMESCALES - Here at Advantage we can manufacture the systems in market leading timescales therefore allowing you to complete your projects on time.

(5) QUALITY - At Advantage we use top market leading brands of equipment to build your systems and are constantly carrying out product development to maintain the high standard of our systems.

(6) AFTER SALES SERVICE - Specially trained engineers are used to maintain and service the pump systems to maximise performance and minimise the down time on the systems.

(7) SPECIALIST TRAINED SALES ENGINEERS - Allowing you to know that the systems specified and designed will be suitable to deliver what you require.

Our Team

At Advantage we have a dedicated and committed team to deal with your enquiries and select the right product for your application.

With trained sales engineers and in-house designers we can offer the top service whilst meeting your timescales effectively. Our friendly after sales engineers are on hand to maintain and service the system regularly to maximise the performance of the pumping systems and minimise downtimes.